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    Monday, May 19th, 2008
    7:37 pm
    9 case sequence pwned
    Monday, August 28th, 2006
    10:45 am
    day 1
    16 min from the start of class to the start of blogging.
    Wednesday, August 16th, 2006
    6:47 pm
    I am so damn tired, all I do it seems is drop resumes for firms I have no chance of geting a job with. I guess I should just keep up the fight and see what turns up.

    This past weekend I was in Indy for GenCon. It was amazing...I need to go back there was so much to do and see I was just overwhelmed by it all. I met some cool peoplem and yes by the STOP I slept under a table at the venue. I hit on a stripper at the dance, and all in all had a great time.

    On monday I was in NYC interviewing with a NY firm. I think the interview went well but who the hell knows. The Interviewer was a senior associate (6 years) so in a year or two he will be up for partner. NYC is pretty cool and the pay is better

    Today, I am in DC for an interview with the department of the Navy. The pay is about a third of the new york firm but it looks like it would be a great steping stone to better job when I graduate.

    Well it is time to wander the streets of DC in search of many things

    peace out
    Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
    11:53 am
    wow it has been a long time. I have a huge amount to write to make this journal right.

    things that will be posted. stories from the child advoate
    the re-birth of the hero list
    tales from law school (Juicy gossip omitted)
    the job hunt and it's ups and downs
    life love and loss
    Friday, April 7th, 2006
    10:40 am
    The New Dean
    This is my first public post and post about Emory Law School in a while so as you can imagine it is important.

    Emory Law has hired a new dean for the law school. The man is the current dean of the Washington and Lee university. He is amazingly well liked and has a strong vision for the law school. I personaly like the man and I suport his hiring as dean, he will do well for Emory. However, there is one concern that demands this post; The new dean has not expressed any view on public interest law and the LRAP. I am not saying that the new dean is opposed to these issues only that he has not expressed an opinion on the matter and that we as a student body must make known that these issues need to be addressed.

    For those of you that do not know Emory has a tradition of supporting public service. It is important that we (the student body) make it known to the new dean that these interests should and in fact must be supported. Currently Emory is top-5 in the worst category of all tuition cost. When you encourage people to support public interest the school must help to offset these costs of tutiton. For comparison Georgetown law provide 100% loan repayment after 5 years in public interest. Emory provides at most $4000 a year for 5 years to help with repayment (max 20,000). Mind you that tuition is 36,000 per year this amount simply is not enough. In fact the annual budget for Emory LRAP it is 100,000 per year for all students, this is inadequate at best. For a school that says public service is important this seems like a joke.

    It would be be criminal for me to show a problem and not provide a solution to the problem

    1 Ban scholarships place the money in LRAP. Emory claims New York as a market let those who take white shoe jobs in New York pay for their education, let those who take Public defender jobs benefit from helping society

    2 Raise money for LRAP, the program needs to be funded to a greater extent. Without the ability to allow students to take public interest jobs, there can be no true commitment Public Service.

    That is all.
    Monday, February 27th, 2006
    1:23 pm
    blatent false advertising
    I was sitting in a tech law lecture to score some free coke and 2 slices of pie. I have begun to wonder about whether it is ok for me to prostitute myself for such a low price...rough estimate 2.50$ worth of free food for 1 hour of bordum. Well here I sit in the library avoding thew work I have to do.

    Ok time to go to work
    Thursday, January 5th, 2006
    1:19 am
    UT and me
    There have been two times that being apart of the university of texas has brought me to tears: 1) When the eyes of texas played at my graduation; and 2) when we won tonight. I bleed burnt orange and I live and die by Texas football. I was so proud of Mack and Vince to see them hold up the trophy that has long been denied to The university in The football state in the country. I believed did you?

    Mack can't win the big game
    Rose bowl '05, Ohio state, OU, Big 12 '05

    Vince can't throw
    No Pics tonight has a higher QB rating than USC's QB

    Well mack and vince this bud is for you.

    Funny random LJ quotes
    from craigs list missed connections: USC missed a connection with the ball
    Catching Vince Young cures Cancer.
    Too bad he's never been caught!

    In late 2004 the rose bowl comissoned a redesign of the rose bowl trophy and Texas owns the only two ever made. I know where both will be kept. Oh yeah and tack on this years ADT trophy.


    (I guess this means no back to back for USC) geaux tigers
    Thursday, November 24th, 2005
    11:48 pm
    I have been ignoring my journal, lately. I don't know why but I just update when I feel depressed more than anything else. Here is what happened today. I went up to a person at the law school today; and because they were in my section I asked what they were doing for thanksgiving, whether they were going home or not, you know the standard boilerplate questions one in school asks the people around them at this time of year. I got a very negative response from the person, something about not wanting to talk to me.

    I would love to say the person was rude to me for no reason, or was being dramatic, but that wouldn't be true. I was without question mean to her and she repaid me in kind. My comments about her were in general mean, and unfairly judgmental. In short I was wrong.

    I am so used to having nobody care about me or what I write that it comes as a shock to me that people read the poorly spelled drivel that spews from my keyboard that it doesn't matter what I write. Guess I was wrong...oops...
    Monday, November 14th, 2005
    8:58 am
    Friends Only

    comment to be added
    Monday, August 29th, 2005
    8:24 pm
    Today I finshed my first day of Law school.

    My contracts professor is the coolest guy I have ever met. Well may be not the coolest... but he is damn cool. I'll give you an exerpt from todays lecture

    a student asks a question to the prof. (Bad decsion)
    Prof: was that a question or a statment
    student: yes...
    Prof: no, here are the rules I am the prof I ask the questions, and you are the student you answer them. ok?
    student: ok
    Prof: (asks a question)

    My civ pro prof was a bit more restrained, but a good guy.

    Tomorrow I have torts,contracts, and legal methods
    Monday, August 15th, 2005
    11:03 pm
    10:56 pm
    strippers and hoes
    Bordum has produced some weird results. here is a bust of a strip club in tampa bay florida. ok it is no suprise that hot girls (if they can be considered hot) want the most money for their body. I guess even one is better looking than the other the only way they can make money is by hooking. well here they are in all their gloy.

    ps anyone got $40?
    12:43 pm
    Georgia on my mind.
    Well I am here in georgia as the title suggests. I would say that I am in atlanta but that is not the case I am in inner suburbia. The area reminds me of austin meeting the northeast. (lots of hills, but not as big as austin but very hot). I know I shouldn't do that to the english language but I did.

    I arrived on sat after driving all day and I was very tired espically after unpacking the cars and getting a decent level of set up. Well that night I stayed in the hotel with my parents and I did not really set uo my apartment until yesterday afternoon.

    I set up my apartment and then I went and found the normal stores (office depot, best buy, target, a couple of malls). So was pretty set. I went to krogers to buy food for may apartment and I spent $101 yet I still seem to have no food. weird how that happens. Now krogers sells shiner bock beer which was suprising seeing it is a microbrew from texas so I of course picked up a 6 pack and went to check out with all my stuff. As I was bagging my grocerys and fumbling with my wallet and filling out a kroger card app the checker said that she could not sell me the beer. I laughed and reached for my ID and she said "no, georgia law no alcohol sales on sunday. I thought she was joking but alas she was not. She said I could have come back at 8am this morning to buy beer. I am not that much of an alcoholic to buy beer at 8am.

    So far I have bought a vacum cleaner, and a george forman grill from krogers and, a filling cabanet and desk from a discount furniture place. Props to motorstarbucks for the tip on used office furniture places.

    well I have to go
    peace out.
    Friday, August 12th, 2005
    12:37 pm
    I am signing off from Houston
    Good bye cruel world. Today, I leave for a far better place.


    signing off from H-town
    Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
    10:13 pm
    Another internt mime. I just pulled this off of yahoo news. this wins the low taste award for worst internet video ever
    Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
    11:32 pm
    Question of the day
    A person swimming in a body of water (public) trespasses onto private property to use a springboard not installed by the owner of the land. While on the springboard which crosses over into public space the person is killed by a powerline pole carring high voltage wires that collapsed onto the person comming from the private property.

    Is the next of kin intitled to damages for the death of the person from the owner of the private property?
    Monday, August 8th, 2005
    2:17 am
    Your IQ Is 130

    Your Logical Intelligence is Genius
    Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
    Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius
    Your General Knowledge is Above Average

    confirms what I already know. I wonder which ones I missed?

    Well I transposed the miles to km question. I know a km is shorter than a mile but I entered 1.6 becuase I missread the question

    The language question is a trick question hindi is the main national language of indian a country with 1.08 billion people but only 30% of the people speak it or 324 million people. 295 million in the us 32 million in canada (a lot of people in canada) and I didn't hit the England stat.

    All facts from CIA world fact book.
    Sunday, August 7th, 2005
    5:59 pm
    In related news houston still sucks
    I went out last night it was a waste of time. The club where my friend mike and I went was filled with guys and their girlfriends. SO there were no girls to hook up with. I have been trying to call cassie for several days now to see if she wanted to go to the mall. (hey I need new clothes) well today she went to the mall with amy (who she doesn't even like). Meh women can't live with them......yeah that is pretty much it on the.

    Well it is my last weekend in Houston and so far I can't wait to leave. There really isn't much left for me here. I don't have many friends here and what friends I do have are a pain in the ass to see. Most of the people here are not decent human beings with the execption of anna, mike, alan, and ferris. everyone else sucks period.

    God I can't wait to leave friday can't come soon enough.
    Thursday, August 4th, 2005
    2:16 am
    It is 2 am do you know where your kids are?

    News you heard here

    1 I got my pda in the mail yesterday and it is cool. It even takes photographs for some reason.

    2 I ordered some fencing blades from a internet company. This company is normaly good even taking into account the normal fencer lazyness. Well I recieved my package a day late (to be expected) there was just nothing in it. Seriously there was nothing in the tube besides paper packing material. From what I can deduce is that the tube was damaged and the 2 3foot long shiny blue blades fell out and were not repacked. BOO!
    Monday, August 1st, 2005
    11:31 pm
    I feel the need to comment on President Bush's appointment of John Bolton to the UN as US ambassador.

    The constitution grants the power of filling certin posistions within the federal government to the president. Now for those who haven't taken H.S. civics the constitution gives the senate thr power of advice and consent on those appointments. The constitution has been interpreted to mean that the senate gets an up or down vote on the candidates. In the event that congress was not in session the president can make a recess appointment to fill a vacent post quickly. This was because congress was not in session a large part of the year back in the day. In modern times this power of recess appointments has traditionaly been used to only appoint non-controvercial candidates, because it circumvents checks and balences.

    Now, President Bush has appointed John Bolton a very polerizing figure to the UN. President Bush has in the process pissed off the democrats and some Republicans. This will make it harder for President Bush to get his agenda passed by congress when they return from recess.
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